Define APATHY:    Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal. …indifference …detachment …disinterest

One year from now WE, the American people, are going to make probably the most important decision for our Country we’ve ever made. We will either re-elect our current President or we will throw him out or office. The result, in my opinion, will rest on the term (and its definition) that leads this plea.

We can all be sure of one thing. Donald Trump’s supporters WILL vote. They will come together to defend their leader in one motivated block. But, if he is re-elected, it will not be because those people voted. It will be because we – Americans who see the harm in what he’s doing – don’t vote. If Trump’s opponent doesn’t win the election, it will be because of APATHY.

Why don’t Americans vote? A few of the primary reasons seem to be:

  • No time . . . Make time.
  • My vote doesn’t matter . . . bullshit
  • I’m making a statement . . . Voting is a statement. Not voting is indifference.
  • I’m not interested. . . . How can one NOT be interested? Get him out.

If you can’t (or won’t) vote FOR someone because you think “They are all corrupt.” then cast your vote AGAINST that someone. The United States of America is a democracy. In my humble opinion, that means we not only have the right to vote, we have a responsibility to vote, or we may lose that democracy.

There are certainly many more who want Trump out of office than those who want him for four more years. However, IF WE DON’T VOTE, we are turning the Country over to him. By the time he is out of office we will have lost the total respect of our allies. By the time he finishes eight years, we will have lost our battle with the environment. By that time we may well be heading down a path executed by Hitler before WW2.

Please! Talk to your friends and family about the importance of voting in 2020. Sent out your own message to anyone who will listen to you. Ask THEM to spread the word. We have less than twelve months to convince our friends to use their constitutional power.

Be pro-active.

   Keep spreading the word all year.

      Be part of the solution.

Sincerely . . . Rick Iekel

About flyingwithrick

Rick Iekel, a storyteller, has held a lifelong fascination with real stories about real people in real places. “With real-life stories so available,” he muses, “why would I make the effort to create believable fiction?”
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4 Responses to Apathy

  1. While I respect the sentiment of your post – apathy is one of the main contributors to our political climate of self-serving, value signalling, cleptocrats who claim to represent our interests – I don’t accept your conclusions. I have no problem with people advocating for their preferred candidate, but I do find apocalyptic references a bit over the top and somewhat self-defeating. Hysteria may get attention, but it rarely drives rational decisions or actions. That’s not to say that I’m a fan of any of our current political leaders only that to me fanning the flames of our discordant politics with rhetoric referencing Nazi Germany is not the solution.


  2. I’m confused. You sound like you think I believe apathy is good. I’m trying to ay that, unless people get out to vote (especially in the 2020 presidential election, we will have to be dealing with another four years of same-samo.


    • I agree with you that apathy is a long-standing problem. Along with money it’s a leading contributor to the discord in our politics. Through apathy the majority has ceded the debate to the fanatical fringes. To me the invocation of Hitler in reference to one side is off the mark. It may be intended as a shot at apathy, but only on one side of the equation. Eliminating apathy requires everyone to participate – even those we disagree with. Demonizing those we disagree with in the name of fighting apathy, is at best rhetorically confusing and at worst contributes to more of the same. If your goal is to oust the current resident of 1600, okay, but that is not the same thing as fighting apathy in the system. If we want to eliminate apathy we need to encourage everyone to participate, not just those who think like us.


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