Lesson from the Top

FORWARD: I am a story teller. Sometimes my mind takes me to unusual places. Though written with a touch of humor, I feel the need to share the following story at a serious moment in our lives.

            It was December 31, 2019. Another earthly year was ending. Somewhere beyond our imagination, the Father sat watching His favorite show. World Wide Network (WWN) had eyes everywhere and showed all. The Father fast forwarded through the wars. They had been going on in one place or another from the beginning of time. He was much more interested in the people – what they were doing, how they were thinking, and what did they need. Not unlike a human father who watches his offspring tackle life, He wants to see humanity succeed.

            Jesus sat by His side along with Mary. Sometimes he watched; sometimes he leaned away and listened to his mother. To Jesus and his mother the Lord seemed stressed these days. The usually tranquil look on His face had grown sad.

            “It’s worse down there every time I check,” the Father muttered. “Gonna have to do something one of these days.

            Jesus turned. “I’m sorry. Did You say something? Mary was telling me about a lady with a special request.”

            “No.” The Father’s voice boomed and an angel of the Lord dropped an arrow he was holding. It careened downward finally striking Earth below. “I’m just getting tired of all the failing relationships. Lucifer is up to his eyeballs in tricks, as usual.” The Father now looked at His son. “I realize humans are humans. There will always be war, some just, some not so just. But, when I made Adam I gave him the Earth and everything in it to take care of. The population keeps growing. If people would just take care of the earth, the earth would take care of them.” The Father shuffled in His chair. “Sometimes I can’t help wondering why I gave them free will.”

            “Father, some humans can’t see past their noses. I was there. I tried to show them how they should act. I tried to teach them how to live. They wouldn’t listen to me and I’ve got the scars to prove it.” Jesus looked at his hands and scratched an itch on his left palm. “Maybe they need a reminder.”

            Evening came and the moon rose on schedule and the stars woke up and blinked. After an appropriate length of human time, the sun arose and the stars again retreated. The Lord turned on the WWN video device just as an announcement glided across the bottom of the screen.


            The Father nodded in silence, though he worried. “Well, what’s done is done.”

            Jesus looked over His shoulder. “Father?”

            “I’ve given them something that will take their minds off of the division and the arguing and fighting. Something that will consume them if they don’t start working together.” The Father sighed. “I’ve done this before, but they forget long ago and ignore anything that happens someplace else. They think Noah and the Great Flood was just a myth. When Cyprus blew up a whole civilization disappeared. Do you think they learned? Not a chance. They made a few offerings to their stone figures and went right back to their old ways, only worse.”

            The Father stood staring at the screen. His voice dropped almost to a whisper as if talking to Himself. “Not all that long ago, 2002 in human time, that tsunami in the Indian Ocean should have been enough to bring back the fear of God. But, no. Too far away for some to care. I thought closer to home might wake up the Americas, so I sent a hurricane to Haiti. They are still reeling from it.”

            “A lot of money and materials were sent there, Father.”

            “Yes, but hardly any of it got to the people who need it, Son.”

            “I few good people are still trying to help.”  

             “They will be blessed for their efforts.” The Father looked into Jesus’ eyes. “Mankind just doesn’t see that the way they are living, is killing the Earth and will ultimately kill them.”

            Jesus sighed and turned to look at his mother. She was staring at the words moving across the screen. He saw her look down at the Earth.

            “So many will die.” A tear slid down her cheek. “Do so many have to die?”

            The Father softened. “Yes, Mary. Many will die, but look what the people are doing. Now in isolation some are starting to think of others. See, they’re beginning to help each other. At least for now, many have forgotten their differences.”

            Jesus spoke up. “You certainly have their attention this time. Maybe, just maybe, they will change.”

            The Father got up and changed the channel. “Let’s hope so, because, if people don’t change the way they treat each other and the Earth where they live, they will destroy the planet and themselves in the process.

© Rick Iekel 4/07/2020

About flyingwithrick

Rick Iekel, a storyteller, has held a lifelong fascination with real stories about real people in real places. “With real-life stories so available,” he muses, “why would I make the effort to create believable fiction?”
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3 Responses to Lesson from the Top

  1. Joe Ragusa says:

    Thanks,Rick.You did your part for humanity.

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  2. George Rollie Adams says:

    Very clever, Rick,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mike Lamendola says:

    You have a way with words but it’s your thoughts that intrigue me.

    Liked by 1 person

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