Back to a New Normal

The May 11th TIME Magazine just arrived. Although I’m really tired of the endless talk of the Pandemic [necessary though it is], one article caught my immediate attention. The Right Way Out, written by Alice Park, starts with a reference I had not heard about. Maybe others have…Japan. Allow me to pull a few of her opening words out.

“After infections of COVID-19 on the Japanese island (of Hokkaido) exploded following its annual winter festival this year, officials declared  . . . a state of emergency to control the disease. Soon after, daily cases plummeted and the island’s . . . quick action was heralded as a beacon for the rest of Japan to follow.

“But, it wasn’t just infections that dropped; over the next month agriculture and tourism business also dried up, and Hokkaido’s governor decided to ease social restrictions. However, compliance with limits on social interaction after weeks of sequestering was harder this time around. Within a month, Hokkaido’s new COVID-19 infections jumped by 80%”.

I admit it. I’m tired of being pinned down in the house. I’m also concerned that the economy is tanking and feel bad for people who, already hurting financially, have lost jobs and face a dismal future. But, I am really scared of what is already starting to happen as we begin to talk about opening up again.

It’s    going   to    come   back.

Let me be clear. My frame of reference is New York State. I grew up in Western New York and have lived in Rochester my entire adult life. But, I went to college on Long Island and I understand it’s different at that end of the State.  I also accept the fact that people away from large populations and big cities – people from the wide-open expanses of the mid-west are dealing with very different circumstances.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, in the State of New York, has done a magnificent job of guiding us through a horrific situation. He didn’t create it but, with the aid of what appears to be a knowledgeable team, he is dealing with it in a practical and objective way. Judging from the overwhelming predictions of death when COVID-19 hit our State and the way he has lowered the actual numbers thus far, I would say he has provided a sensible model for others in their own decision-making. Not that everyone should do all he has done, [other States – other issues – other ways of coping] but use it, don’t criticize it.

Here’s the point. A wide segment of the population is trying to follow the governor’s advice and example. But, as we tire of restrictions, too many are ignoring four suggestions vital for safety – Wear the mask – Keep six feet apart – Reduce touching – Wash hands.

If we start spreading ourselves around without proper precaution, we WILL get the same results as Hokkaido in Japan. Then – God help us – more lives will be lost AND the economy will take even longer to get healthy.

P L E A S E  do your part, and P L E A S E  encourage other do the same.

About flyingwithrick

Rick Iekel, a storyteller, has held a lifelong fascination with real stories about real people in real places. “With real-life stories so available,” he muses, “why would I make the effort to create believable fiction?”
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3 Responses to Back to a New Normal

  1. Joe Ragusa says:

    I agree. I think the Governor has done a very good job.


  2. George Rollie Adams says:

    I share your concerns, Rick.


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