About the Blog

It’s a simple idea. I need a forum for practicing my writing and, if anyone seems interested, to brag about my books. Now, I don’t like bragging, so I don’t do a lot of that. It seems to me you, the potential reader, should just see the front cover, read the back cover, and buy it. (…just kidding.)

So, once a month, I try to put together some words that make sense and send them into the never-never-land of the internet. As time has elapsed, I’ve begun to realize that my monthly offerings are, in fact, a way to reach deep into my soul (well, maybe sometimes not so deep) and pull out something meaningful – at least to me. There’s no particular agenda, just a desire to share ideas that have come up in conversations or occurred to me in my quiet times.

Actually, this process has a name. In the July/August issue of Writer’s Digest, Peter Bricklebank provides wonderful insight into “The Essential Elements of Personal Essays”. So I’ve discovered that my Blog is a monthly (more or less) “Personal Essay”. I hope you find it of interest. If so, please LIKE me, SHARE it, or tell others.

Why “Flying With Rick”?               cub

Aviation was my first love. While in college I worked a second job just to take flying lessons. It was in a J-3 Piper Cub that I left the ground on my first solo flight and I still have the ripped shirt to prove it. Lifting off that grass landing strip in the middle of a farmer’s bean field was one of the highlights of my life. [see: I Can Fly, Oct. 2014]

Right out of college, I was hired by United Airlines. As an Airline Agent, I was in, on, under and near commercial airplanes for seven years. Then, during a twenty year career in airport management, I had the opportunity to experience, first hand, the in’s and out’s of operating a major commercial airport. Day or night – winter or summer – good weather or bad, I was at the center of the action. It was a fascinating career.

Now retired, I am finding pleasure in a different kind of flying. Now it’s with words and, believe me, I’m flying by the proverbial “seat of my pants”.

My website is “FLYINGWITHRICK.WORDPRESS.COM” Won’t you join me on my journey?